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"Audrey" from Manchego Pictures: A Sure Winner for the Hopeful Romantic

By Janet Walker, Yahoo! Contributor Network Jul 6, 2012  Share your voice on Yahoo!
AUDREY, a touching romantic comedy, from Manchego Pictures, is slated to open early 2013 and already has buzz for its charming take on the emotional roller coaster of contemporary dating as boy meets girl suffering from relationship neurosis.

AUDREY's delightful introduction credits show the audience in animated cartoon sequences the story of young Audrey and her dreams of her handsome prince, career track, hopes, and self-esteem issues all to a jazzed up The Beat Goes On by Sonny Bono.

Written by Sybil Darrow and long-time collaborative partner Dean Pollack who also directs, AUDREY stars Sybil Darrow, Ed Asner, Jonathan Chase, Robert Curtis Brown, Ed Quinn, Jeanette O'Connor and Helena Mattsson.

As Audrey, played by newcomer Sybil Darrow, opens she is preparing for the highly significant "do or die" third date and reiterates her cosmic/karma fears of failing as she has met the man of her dreams again and this time he truly has potential. Calming her appealing quirks are her cheerleading team of supporters, best friends, brother, mom, all who really want this one to be the one.

Taking place almost entirely in a Bistro, where AUDREY becomes closer to a zany comedy as it chronicles the wait time between the early Audrey/Darrow and the "late" arrival of her lunch date. As the afternoon progresses, the top 10 list of the worst possible waiting scenarios unfold including meeting your boss to running into your old boyfriend who cheated on you and, of course, introduces you to his barely legal new girlfriend.

There are great scene stealing moments in AUDREY as the character driven clientele show up throughout each with an extrovert personality and all have a part in adding to the nagging and incrementally increasing and apparently uncharacteristic comical conclusions that Audrey draws fueled by her own desires, hopes, insecurities, and beliefs that her destiny may include forever alone and lost without love.

Ed Asner shows up as Walt, a family friend and owner of a local Newsstand frequented by both Audrey and Gene, played by Jonathan Chase, whom he sets up on their first blind date. He's a stand out and a familiar face that truly adds a special touch to the film.

The film ends as it began with the rolling end credits filling in the rest of the story, again with cartoon animation sequences and set to From Now On by Molly Venter and Kevin Dowling. Audrey was scored by Peter Golub.

AUDREY has a genuine modern romantic hopeful feel, with all the hesitations, stumbles and fumbles of navigating the modern dating jungle. A chick flick, AUDREY's Valentine's Day release is a sure winner for lovelorn movie goers and the romantic at heart.
AUDREY is slated to open in select cities early 2013.

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