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"Audrey" is chosen for
Film Independent
"Producer's Lab"

We were thrilled to be a part of Film Independent's "Producer's Lab". This is a very prestigious honor and will give us both significant industry exposure as well provide considerable help with completing our financing.

Only ten films out of the hundreds and hundreds that apply each year are chosen to participate in this fabulous program. During the 2-month lab, participants are mentored by some of the industry's leading independent film producers. In addition, many introductions and meetings are arranged between the filmmakers and major players in both the production and distribution world if independent film.

Film Independent is the premiere organization that helps independent films such as ours get made. They also sponser "The Independent Spirit Awards" which is held yearly on the day before the Oscars and is essentially the "Oscars for Independent Film". Many, many successful films have come out of Film Independent mentoring programs such as this year's Sundance winner, "Frozen River" as well as "The Real Shaolin", "Goodbye Solo", "Pedro", and "Treeless Mountain"--all of which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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