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Janet Hanson and her network of 20,000 women

85 Broads

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85 Broads is an extraordinary global network of more than 20,000 women in 82 countries. This incredible network of women was founded by another incredible woman, Janet Hanson, a 14-year veteran of Goldman Sachs and founder and chairman of Milestone Capital Management. Janet also counts among her many accomplishments receiving the Forbes Magazine Trailblazer Award and service on several boards of trustees including Wheaton College and The Christopher Reeve Foundation.

We recently had the opportunity to present Audrey to Janet and she immediately became very excited about the power and potential of the project; so much so that she felt she had to get involved. She told us she wanted to get the word out about Audrey to her expansive network of women.

Janet has written an incredible piece about Audrey on the 85 Broads website. Beyond just being phenomenally supportive and complimentary, her words are a call to action to the thousands of women in the 85 Broads network to get involved.

Read Janet's piece on AUDREY NOW!

We are thrilled and honored to have a woman of such prestige aboard the film as such an avid supporter.

Sybil Darrow is also excited about being a member of the Southern California Chapter 85 BROADS.

We have not even begun shooting Audrey and already we have tens of thousands of women's awareness of the film. Imagine what will happen when it is completed. We are off to a heck of a start. Thank you Janet Hanson!

Learn more about 85 BROADS!

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