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Richard Bever

Richard Bever is a Los Angeles-based producer and co-president of production company Chill Films, along with partners Tamer Howard and Ariana Jackson.  Bever is the former Head of Development and Production at NY-based Andrew Lauren Productions, which produced the Oscar-nominated film, "The Squid and The Whale" (Sundance 2005), during his tenure.  Also during his years at Andrew Lauren Productions, Richard orchestrated the marketing and self-distribution of the Christopher Scott Cherot film, G, onto over 500 screens nationally. Richard subsequently worked with writer/director Chris Jaymes on his feature film, "In Memory of My Father", winner of the CineVegas Film Festival and the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2005.

Richard served as Co-Executive Producer on the Sundance 2009 film, "Against The Current" , written and directed by Peter Callahan and starring Joseph Fiennes, Justin Kirk and Mary Tyler Moore. He and his Chill Films partners are developing the film adaptation of Pagan Kennedy's novel, Confessions of A Memory Eater, with director Brad Anderson (The Machinist, Cannes 2004; Transsiberian, Sundance 2007) and producer Tripp Vinson of Contrafilm. Richard is also packaging The Shakespeare Project, the new feature by writer/director Alan Brown (Book of Love, Sundance 2004; Superheroes, 2007), and the horror projects, Sever and Blood Letter, with Exit5 Entertainment.


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